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  1. Lucky for you, Evernote aims to make MS Office obsolete. Evernote becomes like MS office? Humm~ I don't like that lol. I think the position of MS office and Evernote are slightly different. I don't want too much stuff like MS office tho. As you can see, there is a very basic table tool in Evernote. However, MS office's table tool is more than just basic. For example, it is connected with chart, different design format and so on. (you know what I am saying?) So if Evernote is considering making diagram tools, I wish they just make: square, circle, diamond, triangle, and straight line, curved line, dot line, line with single arrow, and line with both arrows. Then, we can just play with these. iWork diagram tools can be good example but iWork diagram tools are still too much. I honestly start thinking about this because I often make mind map a lot. Not like Tony Buzan style but more simpler than that.. lol
  2. You can do pretty much all of that with Evernote's Skitch annotation tools (within Evernote), albeit manually and from scratch. Drop a blank image into a note Mobile device: tap on image > tap on annotation icon/ Desktop: hover over image > annotate I have created some large mind maps by dropping a 5,000-pixel-wide blank image into a note You can create an Eisenhower Matrix and drag and drop tasks around the image (any background you want) You can create a Kanban board Pop a blank 365-day calendar image into a note... and you can use it for Jerry Seinfeld's "Don't break the Chain!" productivity methodAnnotate with an "X" (either drawn or an actual letter) for each day you complete something That's besides using it to annotate images and PDFs. There are tons of other uses. I've also used it to create basic icons and other illustrative charts. Here's a post that might pique your curiosity and illustrate a few of the suggestions above: http://www.productivitymashup.com/blog/2014/10/27/kanban-calendar-evernote-series-3-of-5 Wow~ I actually I never thought this way lol Thanks a lot! However, it is still limited with efficiency (speed, logical user interface, and space). App called, Scapple for example. Easy to create brainstorm and mind map. Though, that is it. Not thing else you can do really. Moreover, Unforgettable mentioned about Notability. This app is surely pretty good as well, however, I don't like to use third party app. Just want to stick with Evernote you know what I mean? At least Sketch is part of Evernote but I don't know why, I don't really like this standalone app. I know I am too picky PowerPoint smartart can be good what do you guys think? Actually PowerPoint smartart is a little bit too much in terms of basic design (well we can change it but default one is just too much lol) and number of contents. Though, people can narrow it down to a few necessary or frequently used one. (People refer to anyone. Maybe... Evernote resercher?, planner?, designer? or developer? lol) Anyways thanks again for the alternative solutions. I appreciated!
  3. First, I really love Evernote. I hope everyone do agree with me. So I have very high expectancy about new features. I really wish I can make diagrams with Evernote. You know, like mind map or logic tree. All those creative thinking tools or strategic planning tools. Do you think this will make Evernote too heavy? I think this will match pretty well with Evernote. Well, It just a wish lol
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