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  1. Hey! Thank you for posting this, I'm the developer of this app. Please, let me know your feedback how both the functionality and the presentation can be improved. You mentioned something about it being dry, did you mean too technical or too detailed? Also, what would be the features you'd like to have? I'm actively working on it now, so it's a good opportunity to squeeze in whatever functionality you want to have ahead of the development queue. Thank you!

  2. Dear friends!

    I have dramatically improved the Evernote note visualization app, so now you can also see not only the graph of your notes' content, but also how they are connected.

    Here is a short video about this new functionality: 


    And if you're interested to try it out, log on to https://infranodus.com 

    It does cost €9 / month to use the app to support the development efforts, because we don't have any external funding or investors (this is on purpose to avoid playing the capitalist startup "hot potato" game). But we do have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you find the app not useful, we will refund you immediately. However, I'm pretty sure you'll find it much more useful than that :)

  3. I have a lot of notes in my Evernote folders and sometimes I need to have a sort of overview that shows me what they're all about and how they connect. To address this problem I created an open source tool that can visualize the text contained inside the notes as a graph network, so you can see the main terms, how they connect, and the main topics inside. A bit like a tag cloud but with the added context. I thought I'd post it here in case you're interested as over the last years it has been updated quite a lot and has a lot of features like sharing, comparing the different folders, identifying the narrative shifts, etc. Here it is: www.infranodus.com

    Let me know if you're looking for some specific features as I would be happy to add them to this tool...





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  4. Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to share a very useful open-source tool with Evernote community.

    It can visualize your Evernote notes (or any text, including RSS news feeds, YouTube videos, Google search results, Tweets, etc.)

    You can then see the main topics on the graph and how they are connected.

    You can also see the structural gaps in the graph and using the "Insight" feature identify how you could develop your research / discourse further.

    You can try it online on www.infranodus.com or install it on your machine via github and let me know how it feels and what features you'd like to have! 


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  5. In fact, there was not this feature to choose which notebooks you want to import, but especially for you I added it and updated the version on http://infranodus.com so now you can select only 1 particular notebook for your import.


    Thank you for your suggestion and let me know if you want more features – I'm constantly updating the app.


    I also sent you a PM with an invitation code. Hope you enjoy it!

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  6. Hello Pete, it depends - you have to see. If you install the app on your local machine, you can add those words into the list of stopwords in the settings file. All the installation instructions are available on the GitHub page above and also in this Wiki: https://github.com/noduslabs/infranodus/wiki/Server-Setup


    By the way, is there any reason you don't want to try it on http://infranodus.com first? You know, you can always erase all the notes you imported in one click, in case you don't want to store them somewhere else...



  7. Try http://infranodus.com


    It creates a mindmap from the words and hashtags you use in your notes and lets you see how they all connect.


    I made a post about it on our blog, so you can look through and see if it's something you'd like: http://noduslabs.com/cases/evernote-iphone-notes-text-network-graph/

    The app is free and open source (so you can install it on your computer), but to use our server version you need to contact me for an invite code. 

  8. You can also try http://infranodus.com


    It visualizes your notes as a network graph, using the words and hashtags as the nodes and their co-occurrences as the connections between them. 


    You can then see how they all your notes connect, what are the most relevant terms (in context!), and find some gaps in the graph to generate new ideas.


    I made a post about it also on our blog, so you can look through and see if it's something you'd like: http://noduslabs.com/cases/evernote-iphone-notes-text-network-graph/

    The app is free and open source (so you can install it on your computer), but to use our server version you need to contact me for an invite code. 

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  9. Hi @DutchPete


    Thank you for your questions.


    1) The difference is huge. Mohiomaps simply visualizes how your notes are connected to your notebooks. InfraNodus visualizes the content of those notes. Using Textexture algorithm for text network analysis the software finds the most relevant terms in your notes and shows how those terms are connected. So you don't just see which notebooks your notes are a part of, but how exactly and through which words they connect. Also, a graph gives you an overview of all your notes at once. Regarding the notebooks – it retrieves all the notebooks that you currently have on your account, like a snapshot. If you change something, you need to make another import.


    2) The notes are linked if they use the same words, hashtags or mentions – through those terms. So you can quickly see which terms connect the most notes.

    3) Tags are relevant, but also the normal word contents of your notes is used. The words are normalized and converted into morphemes. It currently works for both English and Russian.


    4) It's a free app and it's open-source (based on Node.Js, Sigma.Js and written in Javascript). You can install it on your own computer from http://github.com/noduslabs/infranodus or fork it and make your own version.

    By the way, it can also function as a note-taking app – all your notes will be visualized in a graph and you will gradually see how the meaning emerges from interconnected words that you use more often together than others.



    Let me know if you'd like to try it on our servers and I'll send you an invite. Or if you have Node.Js you can install it on your own machine.


  10. If you have a lot of different notes in your Evernote notebooks, it may be interesting to see how they are all connected. 


    I developed an app that can do just that - visualize your notes as a graph, show you the most important connecting concepts, how they relate to each other, and where you have gaps in your knowledge.


    It can be a very useful tool and I'd like to invite you to try it on http://www.infranodus.com (PM me for an invite, as it's a closed beta at the moment).


    Also, you can read more about how it works on our blog: http://noduslabs.com/cases/evernote-iphone-notes-text-network-graph/


    Thank you!



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