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  1. Ever since the update, Evernote has stopped sync with my cell. I have an IMac that I currently have notes on that are not showing up on my cell or my Acer tablet. I tried the "How to Force Sync" http://fixevernotesync.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/fix-evernote-desktop-syncing-problem.html but I think that was put out before the update. Oh, my IMac has Yosemite. Is that causing some issues? Thanks
  2. Ever since I did the last update on my phone, I can't find the "New Note" button. I checked out the droid tutorial on this site and my screen doesn't look anything like that. I am ready to uninstall the whole progam.... I have it on my IMac, phone and tablet. It was great before the update. Now it's totally unusable to me...
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