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  1. I've logged this with Evernote support and had some interesting and suprising results. 1. It may be an issue with individual web sites and firefox 2. if clipped using Chrome it works correctly (apparently) 3. If you clip the note and it doesnt look right, sharing to a URL and viewing then displays it correctly I believe this issue has now been logged with the tech team so it may be fixed in the future.
  2. When i clip an article (a part of a web page), it is clipped correctly, but when i try and view it within evernote, it is only displayed in a very small window - perhaps 3 or 4 lines and there is no scroll bar to see the rest. I know the rest IS there, because if i try and select text and move the mouse down I am able to - in effect - "scroll". Any thoughts on what the problem is?
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