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  1. I have tried the web client but also no use. I decided to give up. No point spending the money for premium service when it's not my fault.
  2. Pls help!! I have been using Evernote on my Android phone for jotting down my recent travel. Yes, I'm still in the midst of travelling and my travel journal for the past 4 days are gone. Not deleted in trash, but just an empty note. Today, all of the sudden, the note data was gone as it said something along the line "wrong formatting" with an exclamation mark sign. It then popped out a dialog box to ask whether to remove the formatting which I clicked "yes". Then the note became empty. I am really lost and disappointed with Evernote. I tried to google for solution but to no avail. Wanted to email the support staff but the service is only for premium customer. I really regret using Evernote to jot down important note. If this can't be solved, I will just uninstall this app and delete my account. A waste of my time if my notes can just disappear like this.
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