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  1. Sure I appreciate what you guys are doing I really do. I really love Evernote to death and it's got a similar role to a life-support machine in my life so I'm really happy you're trying to make things simpler and slowly but surely get better flow between what's best in each platform so thanks a lot buddy
  2. I've been using Evernote on Mac for years and I never noticed that until I tried putting my OS X Dock on the left of the screen. Then it jarred as unpleasant and I went straight online to find you guys already jarring lol I think what ScottLougheed says is interesting, that Evernote Mac hasn't really received any major enhanced new version for years, apart from a few cosmetic touches of Toolbar touchups here and there lol. The Windows cousin seems to have had a far greater life. On my Windows I can make Evernote look practically like Notepad, and I just type in ideas as I find them make them up as I go along and still get to jump back and forth between notes by pressing F11 or using back/forward buttons. I think I keep seeing this trend on the Mac. Co's like Adobe develop great Windows versions and the Mac version e.g Flash, Photoshop is buggy and not updated any more. I don't know what it is about Mac software, Xcode is a lovely environment with Cocoa frameworks / objective C being a superior OO design approach right at the start. Only IOS gets a look in here it seems. [EDIT: 3dElephant's idea of using Top List View can be persuaded to do something similar thing if you're willing persevere using the vertical split view drag-and-drop sizing control a bit]
  3. Well guys thanks for the feedback. I was feeling quite alone until you guys were inputting your thoughts. Thanks guys. I definitely gonna check to see if there is a way to switch it off. Cheers.Pablo
  4. Hi All, Just seen the way Annotate PDF puts Cover Page showing what annotations made. Is this really a benefit to the End User? It seems to me I am just usually eager to get to the information. Cheers, Pablo.
  5. I found a shorcut work around but it involves navigating your note "away" to a different notebook. Perhaps I'm just being stupid. In fact I am a bit stupid. but I suspect this might work: from within a note Press ALT and let go your menu should light up Press N Note sub-menu should pop-up Press V "MoVe to Notebook" this will give you some Notebooks you can move your note to CURSOR DOWN to your desired notebook and press RETURN Problem is now your note goes away (!). So you need to navigate... Press F2 - TAB - TAB and CURSOR UP works for me It depends how you have your navigation views open though. I tend to be in "All Notes" but it might be different if you're working on a specific Notebook you might have to do a bit of juggling around I would like to see an [F4] shortcut key please! +1 Cheers, Pablo.
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