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  1. Sure I appreciate what you guys are doing I really do. I really love Evernote to death and it's got a similar role to a life-support machine in my life so I'm really happy you're trying to make things simpler and slowly but surely get better flow between what's best in each platform so thanks a lot buddy
  2. I've been using Evernote on Mac for years and I never noticed that until I tried putting my OS X Dock on the left of the screen. Then it jarred as unpleasant and I went straight online to find you guys already jarring lol I think what ScottLougheed says is interesting, that Evernote Mac hasn't really received any major enhanced new version for years, apart from a few cosmetic touches of Toolbar touchups here and there lol. The Windows cousin seems to have had a far greater life. On my Windows I can make Evernote look practically like Notepad, and I just type in ideas as I find them make them up as I go along and still get to jump back and forth between notes by pressing F11 or using back/forward buttons. I think I keep seeing this trend on the Mac. Co's like Adobe develop great Windows versions and the Mac version e.g Flash, Photoshop is buggy and not updated any more. I don't know what it is about Mac software, Xcode is a lovely environment with Cocoa frameworks / objective C being a superior OO design approach right at the start. Only IOS gets a look in here it seems. [EDIT: 3dElephant's idea of using Top List View can be persuaded to do something similar thing if you're willing persevere using the vertical split view drag-and-drop sizing control a bit]
  3. Well guys thanks for the feedback. I was feeling quite alone until you guys were inputting your thoughts. Thanks guys. I definitely gonna check to see if there is a way to switch it off. Cheers.Pablo
  4. Hi All, Just seen the way Annotate PDF puts Cover Page showing what annotations made. Is this really a benefit to the End User? It seems to me I am just usually eager to get to the information. Cheers, Pablo.
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