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  1. I do not have this settings tab. I use the evernote version from the app store.
  2. Hi, I'm running the latest Evernote version. If I start Evernote, and click Format-->Style I get the Code block option. but if I select a note or text, this option disappears. Is this normal? Many Thanks, Florian
  3. Hi all, After removing EN completely, and installing it again resolved the issue. I had to remove all files in the database folder and loaded a fresh copy of my notes from the server. Many thanks for the tips.
  4. Thanks csihiling, loggin out and in again solved one issue, The upload allowance is now in sync with the one in the web client from a day count point of view. I have on both clients (web and windows) 27 days left, but the web client say that I have 60mb left and the windows client say that I have 0MB left. BR Florian
  5. Hi gazumped, Thanks for the reply. I already tried those thinks. The trash is already empty and I do not see any conflicting notes under "Activity". BR Hiob
  6. Hi, I'm running the latest version of the windows application and have the problem, that my upload allowance was resetted on monday, but the desktop app still show 0 days left and is not able to sync. Is there any option to face a sync with evernote to get the stats resetted? Every x minutes evernote tell me that it successfully synchronizes, which is quite misleading. BR Hiob
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