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  1. I have been basically 100% paperless for at least 2 years now both at home and for my work. I have switched back and forth between using Evernote and Dropbox (and a mix of both) over the past two years. I am currently using Evernote exclusively. (having everything digital makes it really easy to switch what applications you choose to use as well!). I have most of my utility bills and regular payment receipts automatically delivered to Evernote via my Evernote email address and any items that are delivered to my normal email address I simply forward to Evernote. Any paper documents that arrive in the mail or receipts/documents I receive throughout the day I simply store them all in a plastic folder and scan them all in every couple of days. I then shred the originals. There are heaps of benefits to doing this. The obvious being the ability to access any document at any time and having it all with you wherever you go. But there also a ton of rather obscure benefits that you come accross. eg: Being able to tag bills as "Unpaid" or Paid" and being able to display anything outstanding to pay with a simple search (no matter what notebook you've got it saved in). You can obviously also set reminders for due dates. You can effectively create a pretty good finance management system just by having it all available in evernote. If you keep all of your household documents together with your partner, in the unfortunate event that you split up it is really easy to share any information with them for them to take for their reference.It's really easy to combine pieces of seemingly unrelated information in order to easily put together applications or similar. eg. Passport, loan or rental applications which can ask for some pretty obscure documentation. From reading the other responses it seems that the hardest part of the process is getting all of the 'old' content into the system, stuff that may have piled up for years. Do it! It's worth it once it's done and that tedious part of the process is only temporary, maintaing the system once the bulk of things are in there is easier than you think! It is also amazing how useful this old content can be when you least expect it.
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