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  1. I tried signing out and signing in again and it remembered the correct note. I then used my bookmark to get back in again and it went back to the old note. Turns out the bookmark link points to the old note, which is why it was always coming up. Thanks
  2. Whenever I open Evernote for Web (where I basically live 95% of the time), it opens by default to a really old note from years ago. Not only that, but the old note is in my Trash. How can I change the default note to show - or, at least, have it default to the last note I was working on?
  3. Are you using the Web Beta? If so, then this sounds like a bug with the beta. I would highly discourage using any beta software for mission critical stuff, precisely for this reason. If this was not using the web beta, then I'm not sure what a solution would be, and it might also be related to a bug. Could be worth reporting to support if you have the moment to spare. Sorry, I didn't realise that hehmin was using the beta. No, I don't use the beta - I prefer to use stable software, and need it to be reliable.
  4. I've experienced the same problem as hehmin above. I've got a note that keeps a history of work, which I edit every day using the web interface. Yesterday before going home I updated the note, the little green "saved" tick goes around and finished. Come in this morning and find that all changes from yesterday afternoon have been lost. Something's seriously broken in the web interface if it is getting a false "saved" response from the server when it actually hasn't. It should report an error if it can't sync; also, it should keep the data locally until it's successfully uploaded. (also, I notice that now I've got two copies of the same note - both the same old version sans my edits from yesterday)
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