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  1. Hmm, that sure seems inefficient but I figured out how to install an older version of Evernote on to my iPad 1 and its working great between all of my devices.
  2. Thank you. Two more questions please... 1) Since Evernote is synching fine between my Macbook Pro and my Android phone, and Evernote won't install on an iPad 1, there is no reason to email anything. Correct? 2) Is it true that my current free Evernote account ends after 8 months and then I will have to pay for it?
  3. Thank you but what did you mean when you said to use your account email address to send material into the account?
  4. I just installed Evernote on my Android phone, Macbook Pro and tried to install it on my ancient iPad 1 but since the iPad 1's iOS can't be updated past iOS 5 it won't let me install the app. I was wondering if anyone know if I can install an older version of Evernote on my iPad 1 and where I should go to get it? Thank you very much.
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