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  1. Hi, I have some questions regarding Evernote. Mac and tablet or feature I have a mac, but am planning on perhaps getting a tablet -would I be able to use info. & switch from both? Is a tablet or a kindle best for a literature/humanities student? I'd like to be able to extract text from a pdf into a new note file on evernote so I can organize myself on themes, etc. PDF Files Also, if I have pdf files, am I able to extract (parts) of the pdf file text and then change its font in my evernotes? So even if the text in the original pdf file is in a column, would I be able to rearrange the text in my evernote as well so the notes are linear, and clear? Highlighter Is yellow the only option? I use different colors for different themes/character outlines, etc. Voice Is this feature like microsoft notebook audio file? Can I click on text and hear what was being recorded?
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