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  1. Yes, I was using the horizontal scroll on the desktop version, but it required going all the way to the bottom of the table to just view all the columns to the right. (And I still could not adjust the column width).

    So switching to the Web version when I'm working with larger tables, for any more than a few minutes, ends up being more convenient for me.

    I "think" I saw or heard someplace (but I might have dreamt it) that the new changes will allow us to seamlessly view and edit files in Google Sheets in real time?  I haven't tried it, but that would be the optimum wouldn't it?


  2. Yay!  This morning, while troubled by this problem on my Legacy Desktop version, I discovered a solution!

    Simply switch to the Web (Windows 10) version.  On the web version,  you can now pop out to full screen your note  (containing  the pesky table where the column width was not easily editable) and simply drag the vertical lines to the width you want.  

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  3. By trial and error I finally found a fix for this annoyance in my situation.  I found the constant scrolling to be slowly driving me nuts! I tried different views but I could not adjust.  I simply did not want to leave the convenience of the left panel view because I heavily rely on it.

    I'm using surface pro 3 and windows 10 with the desktop client

    This constant scrolling started recently and I finally pin-pointed that it happens after I use the vertical scroll bar in the left panel and then somehow accidentally happen to leave my cursor in one of two places:

    1.on the white bar at the bottom of the left panel that gives the note count

    2. on the black bar at the top of the left panel 

    , next to the New Note + button

    Now that I know this, I can stop the annoying scrolling by clicking on any note and watching where I leave the cursor.   

    I hope this might help somebody else from going nuts!  😄

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