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  1. A link to any site you are having trouble clipping would be useful. The few times I have had trouble clipping a site in Safari, I've simply turned the Evernote Safari Extension OFF and ON again. To do this: SAFARI > PREFS > EXTENSIONS > EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER > ON/OFF > switch to OFF, switch back to ON. Should be good to go now. Did this eliminate your problem?
  2. I've had this issue on and off since I can remember, using Safari 8.0 and just installed the latest and greatest Evernote 6.2.4. If anyone at Evernote is interested in my log files or anything, they know where I am. As a long term premium user and fan-boy of Evernote and someone who thinks Evernote should just sell to Apple and get it over with, this lack of Medium attention and concern is a tad off-putting. Saying it "works fine in our testing" is hardly solving the issues. Where can I send a couple of oars for our friends at Evernote who are floating on the calm river waters of Denial?
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