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  1. And your point is...??? It shows you have a stack named Fotografie. Fotografie is not a notebook. It is a stack. Under that stack is a notebook (not a sub notebook) named Lightroom that has four notes. You cannot make a sub notebook under "lightroom" b/c there are no sub-notebooks in Evernote. Never has been. no, i know.... and you are right.... i used the wrong vocabular... The task is.... how to move "lightroom" under the stack "Essen" in the Desktopversion of Evernote it isn´t a problem... But didn´t work under WebBeta
  2. sorry, but you missunderstand me... see screenshot out of my PC-Desktop EvernoteScreen
  3. Hej BurgersNFries, thanks for answering me... I will try again to explain what I mean: | |-----Notebook1 | |-------------SubNotebook(1A) | |----------------------Note1 etc. | |-------------SubNotebookB(1B) |-------------SubNotebookC(1C) | |-----Notebook2 | |--------------SubNotebook(2A) | |--------------SubNotebook(2B) etc... so... how can I move the SubNotebookC(1C) to become a new Home under Notebook2 like | |------Notebook2 | |------------Subnotebook(2A) | |------------
  4. Hej to all, in the Web Beta i miss the possibility to move or rearrange a Notebook in it´s structure from "A" to "B".... How can I do this? Or isn´t it implement at this time? Thanks for answering me... Best Rolf
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