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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having a strange error with evernote that makes it impractical for me to input simple text. Let me describe the simplest scenario: In a new note, I start typing simple text. Then I move the cursor to any position but the last (using arrow keys / mouse / or cmd+left), and type again. After I type one character, all the text to the right gets selected. Which means if I type a second character next, the text to the right of the character gets deleted. I have reinstalled evernote to no avail. Mac OS: 10.7.5. Evernote version: Version 6.0.16 (451861 Direct) Any help is appreciated. Sushant
  2. Hi Jamesy, Thank you for taking the effort for trying to help me out. I still have the bug after the latest update. I can try to describe how I re-created the bug: 1. I created a new numbered list and populated it 2. Then, I go to one entry. Press CMD + left to go to the beginning of the item. 3. Press shift down to select the whole line, and press CMD + x. This should delete the line entirely, moving the rest of the list up. 4. Press CMD + v to paste the cut line. This introduces an extra blank line in the list. Thanks, Sushant
  3. Hi guys, I just updated my evernote client on OS X (evernote ver 5.6.2). I was copy pasting in some old notes with numbered lists. If I cut an entire line using keyboard (cmd + x) including the implicit end line marker, it cuts properly, removing that entry in the numbered list. However pasting it creates an extra line both above and below the entry. This was not the case with the earlier versions. Anyone else facing this bug? Or could you try and see if you can replicate this bug? Thanks, Sushant
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