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  1. how do I sort my searches by title of note? it's showing me notes that have same search word in its body - which are many.
  2. I'd love to see the # of notes contained in each shortcut listed on the sidebar!
  3. yes! I would also love to see little 'green, yellow, red' dots attached to a note title or notebook title. like traffic lights for prioritizing.
  4. Thanks. I'm already doing that. I mistyped in my previous message. I'm not using a mouse, I'm using a touch pad on a macbook pro.
  5. That is what I am doing. I drag the mouse to select the text needed, and then command C. At that point the text is automatically highlight and copied. It also auto-highlights if I select the text and then command-b for bold. It turns bold, and highlights in yellow. It never behaved this way before the update. I'm a very experienced user of both mac and pc.
  6. ugh.... I, like most everyone with a computer, copy and paste all the time. How did this new "feature" pass scrutiny?
  7. can someone please tell me how to turn off the auto highlight feature? The new version for Mac auto highlights source text ( w/ yellow highlighter) when I copy / paste. (command C/V) The source turns yellow as does the pasted destination. This started with the latest update. thanks!
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