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  1. It would be really awesome if we could simply export a note as a pdf and edit it in the mail app on both the phone or on the computer. Mac. I remember when it was really easy to export a note as a pdf. This is one of the reasons I used Evernote from the beginning. The ability to take any note, be it a business form, a receipt, an article and export it as a pdf to email to anyone. Not someone in my organization, not someone I want attached to my evernote account in any way shape or form. And to be able to edit that email, the email address, change the subject line, say whatever I need to for the recipient to understand why they're getting it in the first place. The IN evernote email setup is really not functional without being able to edit the email. My doctor, my accountant, my friends, my clients are NOT work chat people. This seems like a really simple idea. Save stuff to EN. Share it with anyone. If you can't get things OUT of evernote, why keep using it? I see this on the forums in several places but doesn't seem to have an evernote response. Does evernote just not care that people seem to want this? If evernote doesn't want to do this, is there a workaround? This has become such an issue it's making me think I need to look for another service. Thx.
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