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  1. I'm a Windows and Mac Evernote Premium user. Up to Mac 5, I prefered the EN Mac UI, and always waiting for an improvement of the EN Windows UI. You have done the opposite. EN Mac 6 UI is now even worst than the Windows one. Like many other users, for the first time, I'm disappointed with EN. If you want to offer a "Yosemite " UI, at least, let us the option to still use the version 5 UI, available. It would be nice to have the EN Mac 5 UI style in Windows too. The UI is the first thing that a new user sees. A bad UI will not encourage him to go further and take advantage of all functionality. There is others Note applications around there, even if they are not so "powerful" as EN, their UI are now much more user friendly. it took me some time to integrate EN in my daily tasks and If I were a new user today, looking for a note application, I'm not sure I'll go for EN. Just because the Mac 6 UI will not encourage me to use it.
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