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  1. Hi - I am an Author of business books; ther are many tools out there, but I like Evernote. The world is changing for all organisations - not least for those who wish to Publish and Author books, articles etc. Evernote helps this process - but could be better! Take mindmapping and author tools like Scrivener - the first is essential for layout / organising thoughts; the latter for scheduling the narrative of any book, article etc. Evernote needs to have these attributes, as it iss clear now, in 2016, that: Everyone is a publisher! (we all work in organisations that require us to create written words and share them) Organisation is key to good, consistent content creation and systematic publishing Theer are SO many Authors now, that they are a Market that Evernote should heed! ;-) I have uploaded two examples - a mindmapping writing tool and Scrivener images. Oh, now if Evernote could do this.... killer application! Evernote is great for storing, searching, retrieving, tagging and hosting info; it could be better at organising, prioritising, linking, connecting and helping sequence organised narratives. David Hood (Professional Marketer and Author)
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