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  1. I agree - Evernote is getting REALLY clunky; I have the above problem re wont start either directly, or as an admin now. Ive noted that in recent months, the clunkiness is getting too frustrating and I am now no longer recommending EN to anyone. Its a pity, as there were so many good upgrades in the past, but the latest one is more than disappointing. I had to get a password rapidly, to prevent a problem with another piece of software, and by the time I had to go to the web version of EN it was too late. Angry as well as disappointed now ;-( The 'home' page thingy is nice, but its all too slow to navigate now, and simple things like copy and paste give you a 'ransom note appearance' of a note that you then have to take time to sort. Ill-fitting tables and viewing them is an added burden, I could go on, but its appalling to share notes with others and Clients. David
  2. Hi - thanks; I have recently used the 'Submit a Request' but heard little back. The Legacy version I am having to now use is (309198) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) - so good enough to get me by, for now. Im so surprised how clunky the new major upgrade is. It seems to really slow my laptop down too.
  3. Hi - I have three problems: (Ongoing) - sorry, but the recent major updates has made the whole experience very clunky! I had an oversight re monthly payment, but updated payment card on the system (which is updated ok), yet I keep getting a banner popping up to remind me to update payment etc The last update to the latest version doesnt work at all (see attached log files and screenshot) - I even tried to revert back to Evernote Legacy (that worked!) but as soon as I updated from that version, same thing happened and I cannot open. Im now having to go back to Legacy version and probably stay there until things get a *lot* better ;-( Thanks DAvid MonitorLog_Evernote 10.7.6 (All Users) (x64).txt
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