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  1. I was able to export the note on Mac #2, delete the note and expunge it from trash, import the note from Mac #2, and then sync. Now Mac #1 shows the same size as Mac #2. I noted the Export size on Mac #1 was over 300 MB, but the same note, on Mac #2, only about 10 MB Thanks for the follow up.
  2. My main Macintosh (Mac #1), I got an error today, I cannot add any more information to my note because the size is larger than 200MB. The size actually shows 267mb on Mac#1. The content in the note is about 15 photos and if I open the same note, on Mac #2, the note size is only just a bit over 9MB. What is going on here? Is Evernote somehow caching every time something has been deleted from the note, but not really deleting from the size? This is what I suspect is happening. I was able to use Mac #2 to add items to the note, but Mac #1, the note is pretty much unusable for adding anything, I can only delete things now. Weird that deleting does not change the note size. It remains 267mb, no matter what I delete from that note. This little issue is going to really put a wrench in our workflow, as now is seems this note is obsolete. I'm going to try to archive it, and restore it to another place and see if that correct it, but this does appear to be a bug of some sort.
  3. It was not clear to me from the instructions how local notebooks would be affected by switching from deleting app store evernote and replacing it with the direct download one. I assumed everything needed to be synced with the cloud to be sure of not loosing everything.
  4. Local Notebooks that are only available to the Evernote app, and not synced to the Web.
  5. I have had this issue for almost a year. I was excited to be able to get a fix for it. What I didn't expect when following the instructions was that I had over 10gb offline notebooks, and just today got an error, that I had reached my upload limit for the month! So in my case, trying to fix the issue, created a more serious issue. My evernote account now is useless as my other team members will not see any updates until next month. If I didn't have a second account, I would be totally screwed. In any case, next month, I may know if this solves my issue or not.
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