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  1. Is just me, or is there an incredible amount of snippiness in the responses posted here? Anyway, a while back I did find that automatic scrolling behavior was indeed a property of the mouse software. Still see it in the browser, every once in a while. It seems to be caused by some combination of keystrokes I've clicked accidentally. A simple click in the auto-scrolling windows fixes it.
  2. To my mind, it has to be a configuration option. Here's why: When you create a new note, it opens a new window (Windows 10, at least). That's great, because there is lots of room to edit. When you double-click a note, it opens in a new window. (Also great.) It's handy to have multiple windows open, so you're not constantly navigating back and forth to different notebooks. Now then, open a note in notebook A. Then open one in notebook B. Finally, revisit the window for the note in notebook A. As you're editing that note, realize that you want to break in two. Hit Ctrl+N, and copy stuff into it. Terrific. HOWEVER: The new note does not get saved in notebook A (the one that contains the notebook you were editing). Instead, it gets saved in notebook B (wrong notebook!). I can see the utility of a working style that says all new notes go to a default "inbox"-style folder, where you sort them later. But personally, I'd like to see new notes "follow" the current note, the same way new files in NotePad++ follow the currently open file into the folder the contains it. The only behavior that doesn't make sense to me, is the "last opened folder", because if you have notes opened from several folders, you may not recall which folder that was. But I admit that it may work well for people who don't open many windows. The only reasonable solution I see is a configuration option that allows for all three behaviors.
  3. It is worth assessing feature requests individually, and as you say, the individual requests probably exist. But in my view it makes sense to point out how they can work together to achieve a particular goal--especially when that goal is to help automate a work process that I have evolved over a couple of decades to keep track of what I'm doing. I've used it for software development projects, writing projects, and decision-making processes, so it has stood the test of time, for me. (Evernote has become a pretty big part of that process, too.)
  4. Oh! Good to know, I guess. That's not the way Outlook or Word or most anything else I've used does it, which is inconvenient. But at least now I understand what's happening. (Whether I'll remember is another question...). And now I see why Ctrl+K replaces the original text with the link. On the rare occasions when I need it, it saves Ctrl+A to copy the link, moving the cursor to select the original text, and then Ctrl+V to paste the link. That's a savings of a few keystrokes, but it only happens once in a while, so the savings are rare. What I do a lot more frequently is to visit a link to check where it's going, or to copy part of it, or make some minor adjustment to it. In all those cases, I now know to press Ctrl+Shift+K, rather than Ctrl+K. In my view, the usage statistics suggest that the wrong optimization was done, but I'm a data point of one. I wonder how many others have fallen into the same trap (especially given that Ctrl+K = edit in Word, Outlook, and some other programs)?
  5. Oops. Thanks! I missed the feature. Scratch one off my request-list! Ah. Lovely! Editing is supported. Will edit the original request now, to remove the red herring.
  6. I live and die by the checklist! These feature requests are aimed at making Evernote into a really powerful checklist system, like the ones I use manually, but with greater convenience. One-Button Sorting There has been some discussion of automatically sorting checklists by complete/non-complete status. On the plus side, that would be useful. On the minus side, there are times when it wouldn't be desirable, and it could be confusing, when things drop out of sight unexpectedly. The solution to that problem is add a "sort" button, or a keystroke-combination that sorts the checklist the cursor is in. (Or possibly, all checklists on the current page.) That way, the behavior is easily accessed, but never unexpected. Printing options for Linked Notes When printing a note that has pointers to other notes, there are several useful ways to do it: Print the note by itself (the current behavior, and therefore the default) Embed linked notes in the printout, so you get the overview plus all the details. Optionally print linked notes in separate pages, so get a compilation of everything, all in order. Multiple checklist status marks. Since checklists are such a big part of my working life, I came up with a number of additional marks to keep track of things. Ideally it would be possible to specify the characters, their meaning, and their sort order, for users who have different ideas on how things should work. > - In progress. I'm working on it. z - Pending. I've done what I can do, and am waiting on someone else. ? - Questionable. Is it worth doing? Is it possible? ~ - Undecided. Maybe. To be determined. "Yes and no". "Both good and bad". + - A positive. - (minus) - A negative. Note that the last three are particularly useful in an evaluation-list, where you are compiling arguments-for and arguments-against a particular option. Move Items with keystroke combinations A keystroke-combination like Alt+^ and Alt+v should work to move an item or up down in a list. Any nested bullet items, checklist items, or indented text under it should naturally travel with it. That feature would make it unnecessary to cut, reposition the cursor, and paste--something that is harder as the list of nested material gets longer. (I've implemented such features in outliner programs. They're really nice for lists that haven't been broken into linked segments.)
  7. 1. Good grief, people. For God's sake make it POSSIBLE to report a bug. I don't expect a response, I just want to point out that it exists. 2. My version is (303788). But I had to type that by hand, because it can't even be copied, much less auto-filled into a message. 3. You can press Ctrl-K to add a link to text, but once the link is in place, Ctrl-K no longer works to edit the link. 4. You can right-click to edit the link, but when you do, the text that was there before is replaced by the link.
  8. In this version (303788), at the end of the window, pressing enter does not cause the page to scroll, to keep the cursor in view. This bug was present in earlier versions, then corrected, and is now back. P.S. 1. Please make it easier to copy version information from the About page! 2. Please provide a mechanism for reporting issues. (I didn't see one, so I came to the forum. If this the right place, please provide a category for it. Thanks!) :__)
  9. Yay! Looking forward to being able to save sort order for specific folders. (Not sure about the other. I'm mostly a DropBox user, myself.)
  10. A default sort order is a good idea. But when I change the sort order in one notebook (a short one with 10 notes in numbered steps) so that it is alpha-ascending, I don't want that change to apply to all notebooks (for example, my big one, which has a myriad of notes, that is sorted in by date-descending. Thanks for listening!
  11. Great comment, Dave. I can understand the frustration, though. The thing is, they're already doing one thing on screen that I LOVE--namely, they don't automatically add an extra line of whitespace when intending to create a list element. That keeps things tight, which is WAY better than the standard HTML mechanism, which adds all kinds of vertical whitespace I detest. That's one reason I like Evernote so much. (I like "Evernenvelope", too. :_) That, and the fact that all my notes are right there, easy to get to, with a great nav pane. Anyway, since they're doing non-standard online formatting, they have written their formatting engine. So everything they do with respect to tables (another deep problem) and printing they have done themselves. Those are SUPER tough problems. Very smart people have spent decades working on them, to get them close to right. So it is understandable that there would be issues. But I also understand the frustration of others. To have something so lovely, we just want it to work! :__)
  12. Thanks for the comprehensive reply. GoogleDocs is a decent option. I pasted into an HTML file, but didn't like the result. Will try Word, next. Yeah. Bug fixes don't sell. New features do. And to be fair, printing is a hard problem to solve. Evernote is great for short notes, then. Ideally less than one page, definitely no longer than two. The thing is, I've begun using it for everything... :__)
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