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  1. And there it is! I swear I looked for it. I thought I clicked the three-dot menu item, too. Thanks! As for tech support, I don't expect any. But as a former software developer & tech writer, I send DETAILED reports, with sample files to reproduce them. I figured that sort of thing was helpful, and worth doing in return for use of the product. But hey. If it's not valuable, I don't have to. :__)
  2. Good idea. Thanks. I had no idea a legacy version could be used in parallel. Fortunately, I don't print all that often. (And will be even less likely, in future....)
  3. I used File > Export as PDF. There is no print option in Windows 10 that I know of. As for a support ticket, they won't let me. You have pay them to report bugs. Go figure. :__)
  4. In a note with nested checklist and bullet point items, and multiple instances of 18pt text, the last line on the first page (or first line of the 2nd page) is never printed. Evernote PDF-generation&Checklist-copy Bugs.enex
  5. In a file with mixed checklist items and nested bullets, copying the content and pasting into a new note has two issues: 1. Formatting of bullet items is lost. Each item is on a new line, with no bullets or indentation. 2. Checklist items are totally absent. No text, no formatting. Nada. Evernote PDF-generation&Checklist-copy Bugs.enex
  6. Good info. I saw the like buttons next to comments, but missed the upvote button at top left. That helps. But since this feature *used* to work and since file:// is absolutely standard HTML syntax, the absence of this feature must be considered a regression. Hence, a bug.
  7. Great idea. Apparently, out here in the land of the great unwashed, it is not even possible to file a bug report. Anyone out there with an upgraded version who can?
  8. I'm not sure about that. If that's what it was, the problem should not have re-occurred a month later, when I once again synced my phone to my computer. I haven't tried syncing the phone since then. Will have to run an experiment to see what happens...
  9. Ok. I'm back after a password-reset email.
  10. Well, hell. I am now locked out of my account. I turned on 2-step authentication, but to get a text you have to upgrade. That leaves Google Authenticator. Decided I didn't like that, so I tried to disable it. To do that, I needed to give my password. The newly-created password I carefully wrote down, and which apparently does not work! Grrr...
  11. I have a similar situation. But since it is not quite the same, it may shed light on the underlying problem: I have a Windows Desktop and a MacAir Laptop. EverNote keeps things nicely synced between them. I do *not* have an EverNote app on my iPhone. (I checked) Occasionally I plug the phone into my desktop to recharge, sync contacts, and sync music. AFTER that, EverNote sees three devices, and requires to unsync one of them. (Weird, because again, there is no EverNote app on the phone.) Here's hoping that description helps someone isolate the issue. (And thanks for a great app!)
  12. Is just me, or is there an incredible amount of snippiness in the responses posted here? Anyway, a while back I did find that automatic scrolling behavior was indeed a property of the mouse software. Still see it in the browser, every once in a while. It seems to be caused by some combination of keystrokes I've clicked accidentally. A simple click in the auto-scrolling windows fixes it.
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