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  1. Centrallo has listened to the Evernote community and now offers 15GB storage free. They use Amazon cloud for secure storage by the way. And it's easy to earn free premium accounts, simply refer 10 people who sign up and you earn a free year. Definitely worth trying especially with the free web list and note publishing that's included. http://www.centrallo.com. Getting great reviews cross platform.

  2. Alan.    Have you seen the latest Centrallo announcements?  The shared lists is definitely worth checking out.  Also, they use GeoTrust SSL and will be offering list encryption within the next 60-days.


    From their release:


    Last week, we released our most highly requested feature – shared checklists where multiple people can add and edit in real-time.  In addition, we significantly updated our web version and made other improvements across our iPhone, iPad and Android versions, including the ability to publish lists containing rich media - a differentiator.  Here’s an example of a published list that shows some of our key features.



    Centrallo is a cloud-based, cross-platform personal productivity tool that helps people centralize, organize, prioritize and share their lives.  Think Dropbox, but for Lists – with unlimited list levels and the ability to share at any level. Our hierarchal structure is a big differentiator from our two largest competitors, Evernote and OneNote. 



    I’ve tried many other apps and Centrallo, by far, is the best one out there.   I’m a consultant–so I have lists for each of those jobs, I also coach sports teams–separate lists for those teams, 4 kids in 3 school–more lists, and have a Command Central for my to do catchall. So you see, a well-thought our organizational app is critical.”


    “A few months ago I stopped using Evernote and focused on Centrallo and never looked back.  I'm not sorry!”



    Organize Your Life with Centrallo – 4.3 stars

    Looking for an Evernote alternative?  Centrallo might be what you’re looking for





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  3. All beta version language was removed from Centrallo a few months ago as they have officially launched - http://www.prweb.com/releases/Centrallo/Launch/prweb12365917.htm.   They are working on an encrypted data version for premium users and I highly recommend that you try the app - www.centrallo.com.  Below, here is a privacy and data security statement from their CEO:


    Centrallo Security & Data Privacy


    Centrallo is 100% cloud based.


    We utilize the following companies and processes:


    For cloud security and scalability, we depend on trusted third parties such as AWS and DigitalOcean;


    For data and communication encryption, we use AES, TLS, SSL and other technologies. HTTPS is provided by GeoTrust;


    For data reliability with replication, we use snapshots and backups


    For network security, we use firewalls and private subnets;


    For physical security, we use top trusted cloud providers.


    Additionally, on our platform, we restrict access to our servers by utilizing private IP addresses and private VMs.


    We also close all open ports (except HTTPS) and have firewalls to restrict access to our servers. 


    To combat external attacks (e.g., DDoS), we limit public access to a small set of servers. And our cloud providers actively work to mitigate external attacks by controlling traffic on their networks.


    Our servers are also continually updated with the latest OS security patches and software.


    Inside our application, Centrallo uses standard mechanisms to prevent certain attacks like SQL injection, XSS and CSRF.  


    We use HTTPS to encrypt data sent between the client and our service while simultaneously eliminating "man in the middle" attacks.


    In addition, we are using best practices to isolate and secure all user data.

  4. it doesn't appeal to me with my use case, but i could see how some workflows might benefit from the app, though evernote still seems the superior option in pricing and features.

    be careful out there. where is your data stored? how is it stored at rest (encrypted or not)? who at the company has access to it? how is it transmitted? and, from their terms of service:

    "The Service is currently in a user-testing phase (the “Beta Version”). The Beta Version may be changed prior to general availability without notice, and we do not guarantee that compatibility of the Beta Version can or shall be maintained with subsequent versions of the Beta Version or the commercial production version of the Service that may become generally available. We reserve the right to withdraw any Beta Version and never release the commercial production version of the Service. "

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