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  1. Finally they got it!!! Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes New Evernote now supports high resolution displays!!! Add a coworker’s business notebook to your account right from the notebook list Taskbar icon illuminates when a new message is received Improved Numerous improvements to Work Chat and sharing Several improvements to Context Fixed several sync and stability issues Resolved a bug that caused the password prompt to appear unnecessarily Fixed issues related to Table of Contents notes Resolved issues with Reminders search syntax 1 security fix -- learn more at https://evernote.com/security/updates#win
  2. It seems that you are loosing a lot of premium users... I am on Evernote since 2008 (premium since October 2010) and can´t use Evernote Desktop on my Yoga for months... :-( SInce there is no idea from your side, I have to start testing a migration to OneNote
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