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  1. So. just so I understand it.  When they were creating the new version the quality control person saw that the legacy version allowed reminder time settings to the second, but thought that time settings to the nearest half-hour in the new version was close enough.  Of course, I assume there was a quality control check independent of the programmer.  If I wanted close enough programing I would be using Google Keep for free.

  2. Ideally, the user should be able to set a default time as a specific time or as the current time.  But it's not just the default time on a newly created reminder that's the problem.  It used to be that if all you did was change a date on a reminder the time would not change.  Now if I want to push a reminder forward to a future date at the same time I have to change both the date and the time.  It sounds like such a small thing, but it does get to be pretty annoying.

  3. I feel your pain, although it was refreshing to find at least one other person in the EN world that has the same problem as I do.  It started in Chrome, now Firefox has the same issue.  IE works, but it has other issues with note links and task buttons.  The only thing that works is Edge and that is only available to me at home.  Many have told me to just use the client, but the policy at my company is not to deviate from their standard desktop applications.  So, the web version was a perfect way around this, and I didn't have to have my personal notes on my company computer.  Unfortunately, the current issue has me using two different browsers for EN to get by.

    I do have an active item with EN tech, but they want me to install something on my machine to create a log.  Of course, my company will not allow me to install.  Perhaps I'll get this solved on my home machine and the solution will transfer over to work.

    Regarding the new web version, they have made some improvements but it continues to be feature deprived and basically stuck on stupid.

    I went into detail on this in hopes that some EN manager will see this start to understand that there are users that really want to use EN on the job, but the web version is their only real option.  It's either that or BYOD to work.  Somehow I don't think I would have the same issues with OneNote, but I know a transition to OneNote would be really painful.  Well, I guess you get what you pay for........wait a minute, I am paying for this.

  4. As soon as I have figure out a good alternative I will leave EN.  I depend on the web version.  The old version continues to erode, and the new version is stuck on stupid.  The worst part is I don't get the feeling that EN ownership gives a damn.  I have gone from an EN fanatic to feeling like a victim.

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  5. I have had this problem all week long, both at the office and at home.  For me, the problem is in the classic web version.  I don't have the same problem when I use the beta, but then I'm stuck using the version that I find significantly lacking in functionality (at least compared to the classic version).  It may finally be enough to drive me to One Note.

  6. 13 hours ago, gazumped said:

    As far as we know,  the general wish from users is for Evernote Web to be more of a clone of the desktop versions than at present.  The link is to a piece than seems to say that until now the way web pages are coded meant that they simply couldn't perform the same tasks - your desktop has memory,  local storage and a fast processor;  a web page can only use a small part of those resources and/ or share some of the load with a server.. that's also servicing thousands or millions of similar requests at the same time.  Plus to be usable,  the web page has to download quickly,  even over a bad internet connection,  so can't be too big.  An installed app can be hundreds of MB in size and calls on different procedures from that app take fractions of a second...  Basically web-based processing can't be as effective as disk based stuff.

    Software engineers though have now developed new ways to deal with some of these problems,  so Evernote is looking at how to implement the whole 'like a desktop' thing again.

    As to minimalism,  it's not just Evernote... https://backchannel.com/how-the-web-became-unreadable-a781ddc711b6#.towf7g4f3


    Thanks gazumped for the explanation.

    If the move is more toward the desktop functionality, that would be great.  Interestingly enough I really prefer the old web to the desktop for some reason. Maybe this is because I can't use the desktop version at work, so I just get used to navigating with the web layout.  But I would be pleased to see the direction go more to the desktop experience and as far far away from the beast as possible.

    I really liked the article,  I always felt there had to be some driving force behind all this madness.  It's kind of scary to see how far "group think" can take us without an ounce of evidence to back it up.  You would think that with the millions of dollars at stake in user acceptance and internet commerce, someone would actually be testing these concepts.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    I'm not clear on your point of view

    Are you wanting Evernote to "leave well enough alone"
    Many users have advised Evernote that they dislike the new interface; they prefer the old interface but they want changes implemented


    No, I'm sure they have to move forward for the common good for reasons that my small brain can't begin to understand.  What I really want this time is that they really listen to the users about current functionality that should be retained, and not just assume that anyone with a brain must be a minimalist.  There is nothing in that document that tells me they realize unresponsiveness to users was part of why the beast version failed, so I have to wonder if they see that as a problem.  Maybe a little sarcasm will help wake them up.

  8. On 11/6/2016 at 0:58 PM, gazumped said:

    Now this is encouraging...  https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2016/10/17/bringing-micro-services-to-the-client-side-project-ion-and-micro-components

    Evernote appear to realise that the web version has been orphaned for a while,  and are actively developing something with far more functionality to replace it.


    Here's the interpretation:

    Our first attempt was an utter failure.  Our next attempt will be good for attracting new developers to EN, which of course, is our real reason for existence.  No, we don't need the advice of hundreds of thousands of our loyal users.  We are writing this epistle of blah blah blah to explain why we just can't leave well enough alone.  We are using the Blah Blah language so that our mortal users won't dare admit to their ignorance by daring to make suggestions that only waste our valuable time in providing nonresponsive responses.


    Your EN Team.

    Please, please EN, prove me wrong.

  9. Just closing the loop on this one.  A few days ago the problem resolved itself.  I did notice I could avoid the problem if I quickly went from entering the title, to entering text in the body of the note.  Lately, I don't have to do this either, it's working fine.

    EN support did contact me and was trying to help, but the problem disappeared before I could send them a test.

    Thanks to all.

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  10. I'm using the old web version with windows 7.  The new web version does not have this problem, but I find the new version very difficult to use.  I have a bad feeling about this, but I will contact support and hope for the best.


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  11. In the last couple of days I've noticed that occasionally I cannot give a title to a new note.  I type in the desired title but when I click to add content to the note, the title goes back to "untitled".  I haven't figured out a magic sequence of events that causes it, or a way to prompt the system to behave.  So far all I can do is wait it out and keep trying.  Anyone else having this issue?

  12. @Spenceragain 

    You are absolutely right about it being an industry wide problem.  I'm seeing far too often to one degree or another.  The question I have is simple, would you rather watch the super bowl on your smartphone, or a 48" TV?  Size does matter.  Mobile devices are great and I would hate to have to deal with the same layout on my mobile that I have on my desktop, but the converse is also true.  The point is that I don't like my mobile device because of the screen layout, I like it because it's mobile.  The small limited screen layout is something I put up with because it's better on a mobile device.  There is a reason that I don't use my mobile device at work where I have the luxury of dual 21" monitors.

    This is the same sort of reason why Windows 8 was an utter failure.  How someone doesn't understand this is beyond me.

    As long as they don't abandon the old version I'll probably stay with Evernote, but I'm not adverse to looking at alternatives.  When you are selling a service you never want to give your customers a reason to look elsewhere.

  13. Where do these people come from? It's foolishness to take a layout that is optimized for a 15-inch desktop screen, and replace it with a layout optimized for a 3-inch smartphone screen.  What really bugs me is that even though my profile is set to use the "old" version, the "new" version pops up on occasion. Also, I'm constantly reminded that the "new" version is wonderful and I should use it now. Well, I have tried it several times and I don't like it.  And yes, I do use Evernote on my smartphone and I think the layout there is just peachy fine....for a smartphone.  Now some grown-up person at Evernote needs to take control of the situation and tell the 3-inch people to leave the 15-inch layout alone, and quit bugging us about how wonderful it is to give up the functionality that a 15-inch layout provides.

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