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  1. The vast majority of my Evernote thoughts are entered by tapping on my keyboard. I was really disappointed when it went from a simple "New Note" to a '+' that then opened a drawer of all the wonderful things I could do; I would always be selecting the text option anyway. I would like to return to a one tap to a text note, so that my natural train of thought that I'm trying to capture is not impeded. If this is common behaviour (to use the 'text' option 90-95% of the time, can there be a gesture shortcut to automatically open a new text note? I'm thinking like SwiftKey's '!' ... You start on the '.' and slide left: you don't have to tap, just slide. The other thing I would like is to get into edit mode without explicitly having to tap into it. I open up an existing note, start reviewing it, and then find a place I want to insert text. But I can't. First, I have to tap the edit button. Then I need to scroll down to that spot, hopefully not having to search around too much, but I've got some really long notes. The natural thing for me to do is to tap at the spot I want to insert the text, and I expect the keyboard to swing up. But alas, I am disappointed every time. I think if it's a tap rather than a scrolling swipe, the app should know that I want to edit the note at the spot I've tapped. I'm addressing the same issue as with the first suggestion: the current process impedes my attempt to capture my natural train of thought in the moment.
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