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  1. Hi, I have tried to do that, but no success! Kind regards Jochen
  2. Hi, I have Adblock disabled, popups are not blocked. I have also tried the blank new tab, but to no avail. Symptoms remain the same. Kind regards Jochen
  3. Hello, I am using Evernote (version 5.7.0) with OS X Yosemite. I have set up a second display. When trying to clip a portion of the screen using the menu bar icon, the resulting image is always shifted down the screen by a certain amount. Clipping works fine when disconnecting the second display. Is there a remedy to this problem? Kind regards Jochen
  4. Hello, I am using Chrome (version 38.0.2125.111) for OS X (version 10.10, "Yosemite") with Web Clipper (version 6.2.6). Web Clipper can’t, however, sign in to Evernote. To the left under the elephant’s head there is a small red circle. Clicking the Web Clipper icon does absolutely nothing. Is this a bug? Kind regards Jochen
  5. Hello, as the Topic Title says: after every restart of Safari (8.0, OS X Yosemite) Web Clipper (version 6.2.4) requires a new login; it then works flawlessly -- until there is a restart. The Web Clipper icon then spots a little circle under the elephant’s head and requires me to login again. Is this a known bug? What, if anything, can I do? Warm regards Jochen
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