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  1. Love the new design. Anyway, it seems like the MAS version still has bugs regarding the helper. If you activate it at boot time, you can't shut it off. Even if you deactivate it, next time you open EN it is activated again at boot time, and still runs even if you chose to close it when EN exits.
  2. Thank you, I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. Any other reason for switching to the direct download version? Is the MAS one still supported? I think that if you are not going to update it regularly and prefer users to get the software from the website, you might just as well pull it.
  4. Hello, this is my first post in this board. I've been using EN for some months and I find it very useful. I started downloading the Mac App Store version. Anyway, I've read from the blog that a new version is been out for quite some time but not available from the MAS yet. Since the home page doesn't refer to the Mac App Store at all, pointing you to a direct download instead, I asked myself if the website version is the "better" version. I'd like to know if the MAS version is still supported (last update is from April) and if I should switch to the direct download from the website. Also, I found out that the option to autostart the EN Helper at boot time doesn't work and I think this correlates to the fact the I have the MAS version installed on my Mac. So, I'm looking for some advice regarding which version to use. Thank you, Mario
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