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  1. Just to close out this thread, I had opened a ticket with the helpdesk and received this response: Thanks for letting me know, Evernote, and for fixing it quickly.
  2. You're right, should have done that. In any case, the issue seems to have resolved itself so I'm guessing it was some Evernote issue (since it affected multiple browsers on multiple computers).
  3. None of my shareable links are rendering on any browser. Only the page title is shown. Everything else is entirely blank. Tried with multiple notes on multiple browsers. Note in Evernote (yes it's been synced): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mrsujafue3hnom/Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.08.07 PM.png?dl=0 Note in Webview: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8j3ofd22l68mnvr/Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.08.33 PM.png?dl=0
  4. Hi. This is a very minor feature request (but also one that might be easy to address). In the Mac Desktop application, right clicking a note brings up the menu with an option to "Delete Note". In Windows desktop, the same option is called "Move Note to Trash". On iOs, it's "Move to Trash." On the web application, it's a trash can icon with a tool tip that says, "Delete Note." It would be nice if they were all labelled consistently. Like I said, a trivial request, but one that moved me enough to ramble on about it for a paragraph, nonetheless. :)
  5. I understand people have wishes for the software (we all do), but is really a subscription-cancelling level issue for you? I'm just curious because to me, while yes Evernote is imperfect, it is valuable service for me and I would not subscribe/cancel based on something like this. Are (were) you a paying customer? Legit curious why this is a dealbreaker.
  6. I know I'm in the minority here but I just wanted to say that I like the list view, personally. I could see where an option might be helpful (old vs new).
  7. This is still something I think would be a very good feature for EN. Embedding of videos is pretty standard now and EN is falling behind here. In this age of rich content, this gap will only become more glaring the longer it remains a gap.
  8. You can still send a copy of a note via email, it's just a little convoluted. From the list of notes, right-click the note, then hover-over "More Sharing". In the sub-menu, you'll see the "Email a Copy" option. Not ideal, I agree, but it's there at least.
  9. Everyone is certainly entitled to disagree, but I have to admit my amazement of so many complaints about something that has no functional effect on Evernote Mac. I get it that you guys are offended by an Evernote advertisement in their paid product, but really, what does it really matter? Does it get in your way? Does it prevent you from doing something? All I ask is, what do you really want Evernote to focus their attention on? There are still some significant bugs, and many enhancement requests demanding their attention. What is really important to you? I liken it to if I had bought an ad-free Kindle and then Amazon kept trying to put ads on it. I'm all for EN focusing on bugs. I think they should have done so in the first place instead of embedding an ad into the app. Upgrading your team is not a function of the app either - it's a commercial. Anyway, maybe moot since they've stated they hear us on it, but just thought I'd try to provide some insight as to why it bugs some people. Or me, anyway.
  10. +1 Dropbox even announced this feature this week. Non-users can leave comments too. It's a great feature and one sorely missing here. As EN continues to emphasize collaboration, I think adding a comments feature is an absolute must - especially for instances in which you don't want the reviewer to be able to edit a note.
  11. I agree - total bummer. Especially since I'm much more likely to use keyboard shortcuts while using Evernote than I am using Skitch. Skitch practically demands mouse-use inherently.
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