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  1. Thanks Rgrenader, Will give your suggestion a try. Best wishes. Joe
  2. Hi JMichael, Just a final thank you for helping me out with the 'can't sync' problem. It's all really clear to me now and I can see very clearly the way forward. As you suggest, I'll let the file reside in Dropbox or Evernote where it will sync with all other devices. With best wishes. Joe
  3. Hi JMichael and hope you don't mind me coming back again for a bit more help. I've tried the following sequence.......... Copy a file from MyDocs on my PC to dropbox on my PC. That file gets automatically syncd to dropbox on my phone and my tablet. Open up the file on my phone, change it and save it. This change gets updated on both the phone and the tablet and the file in the dropbox folder on the PC. But, and it's a big but, the original file in MyDocs is unchanged. Is that what you would expect and do you see any automatic way round it. Can of course save the updated file in the drop
  4. Hi JMichael, Just want to thank you for your advice on my sync problem. I guess I was being a bit too optimistic in expecting files on my Pc and phone to remain the same no matter which one I updated and saved. Thanks also for suggesting dropbox. Can you say if that will do what I'm trying to achieve i.e. change and save a spreadsheet in either phone or Pc and the other will automatically be sync'd. Best wishes. Joe
  5. I should have mentioned that the file I'm trying to sync is an excel spreadsheet. Thanks Joe
  6. I'm using Windows 7 and by right clicking on a file in My Documents I can 'send it to Evernote. This works fine but when I change and save the file again it doesn't change in Evernote even tho I click on 'sync'. Should I be copying/importing files into Evernote by a different method. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Joe
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