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  1. Thank you all paying subscribers that are used for getting some support for a paid service. I finally had some time to respond to your complaints. Why should they? keep paying and shut up. They are inches away from getting this issue solved please hold your breath for 5-10 years more of premium subscription. What problem are you talking about? you keep paying, they don't address any issue, there's no problem. Don't count on it. They rather not So what??? pay and keep quiet If you haven't got it yet, or don't care for those answers, feel free to cancel and move to the competitors. just keep in mind that you will have to let go of the innovative chat feature which will change the way people are communicating in the foreseen future. Please get-it and start packing your data.
  2. suffering from the same problem, doesn't seem to bother EN too much... not even a single replay from any stuff member for over two months... :/ its nice to be a paying costumer yeah!
  3. I Disables all other extensions, un-istalled EN clipper re-intalled it, re-booted the system and i still always get the "Cannot Save Clip" error. i have cookies allowed for all, Java script enabled.
  4. tried re-insalling>reboot, disabling ad-block and still "cannot save clip error"
  5. I also get a "cannot save clip" error message no matter what I'm clipping. osx 10.10 safari 8.
  6. I tried to Clip this page and guess what?? "Cannot save clip" Error. it looks like our feedback it taken very seriously by EN thanks for solutions and feedback ! not!
  7. FF? just for that? i think i'll pass My best current solution is to use the "Share To Mail" button on safari to the "Evernote upload". Over the mail app there are similar options of simplifying the article, link, full etc. thanks for your concern
  8. Doesn't work for me, disabling extensions, disabling Ad-Block, safari restart, os restart... i still cant clip from the web. thanks.
  9. Im facing the same issue, OS X 10.10, Safari, Ad-Block, Click To Flash. is there any solution yet? tnx.
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