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  1. I had no problems clipping it. Looks like it's a problem on your end. Try clipping it from another computer. Thanks. I tried the next day from the same computer and it worked flawlessly... No clue why
  2. I just installed the latest beta (27-jan) and I get tan error message when trying to clip the following article: http://www.runnersworld.com/race-training/race-more-to-become-a-better-runner?adbid=560165398608244736&adbpl=tw&adbpr=14882900&cid=socTP_20150127_39468537 The message says "Error: Owner document doesn't match." Regards
  3. I've found that opening nytimes.com tabs makes it worse. I hope this helps the developers for trubleshooting this issue
  4. Hello, After updating to the last version of the plugin (6.0.alpha.25) I can't type de "@" sign at the IEEE account login. You can verify this by going to the following url: http://email.ieee.org I disabled the web clipper beta and now it works fine. Regards, Jaime
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