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  1. So should I upgrade to MacOS Sierra first, and then follow the Futisu instructions (update ScanSnap Manager, and then update ScanSnap Organizer)? Or do the Jujitsue stuff first, and then upgrade to Sierra?
  2. Ok now it's November 18... anyone know where we are on this? I have held off upgrading to MacOS Sierra, and have not done anything outlined in the confusing messages from Fujitsu. Is there a safe path forward?
  3. Yes, the MacOS crop feature has been completely broken for weeks. No matter what part of a .jpg image I select, it crops to some OTHER small random part of the image. This happens every single time and it is totally blowing my productivity. I have the Evernote scanner and I was using the crop feature every single day. I wrote tech support and they wanted me to do some kind of a screen video of the problem, which is annoying since there are clearly people at Evernote that already know it exists. I hope they fix this SOON! (And yes, I see the same problem on multiple computers, and yes, I've done a complete reinstall of Evernote on each one... no change!
  4. Like top many things in Evernote, this is only half-implemented (don't even get me started talking about Tables). If I have three Notes, and there are Link Notes between them... then I share them all with other people... the links no longer work. This is d-u-m-b. I would actually have to copy and long "Public Link" URLs for each page, paste them on the other pages, before a Web user could take advantage of the links. So I'd have to build a dual navigation system onto every page. Example: "If you're running Evernote, you can get to the detailed meeting agenda here. If you're not, please go here: https://www.evernote.com/l/ARWjflHEvv1JXoStQx3sH3" Like I said, d-u-m-b. Why can't the same Note Links work, whether in Evernote or online? If I've missed something, somebody please tell me!
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