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  1. Oh, I thought it was to set a URL at which that note can be accessed. So is there no way to get a direct link to a specific note?
  2. But does it have to be "evernote.com/my_URL"? It's so unspecific. I tried using evernote.com/mynote12345 which didn't work, unsurprisingly. There really should be directions on how to use that feature and what it actually does.
  3. I decided to go with the Beta Web version of Evernote but noticed that each note no longer has its own URL associated with it. I also noticed there's a place in "Info" for each note to "Set a URL." However, I'm not sure how that is supposed to work. What do I type into "Set a URL"? Does anyone know how to use this? I bookmark on Chrome one of my notes so I can access it quickly without having to open Evernote and then click the specific note, so it's annoying that I can no longer get a direct link. Also, whenever I open Evernote now, it defaults to creating a new note, adding another extra click I need to make each time to read my notes.
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