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  1. I'm using the beta. I'm an Evernote Business subscriber. I'm not sure that this (paid) offering has been considered in the design: Under the previous web interface it was pretty much impossible (I think it was impossible, in fact) to move notes from a personal notebook to a business notebook, though it was/is just about possible in the mobile versions.It's still impossible under the new web interfaceMass movement of notes, even if the design supported it, is not possible without multi-selectFrom a blog entry at EN, Jan 2013: "One of the first things current Evernote users will want to do when they join their company’s Evernote Business account is migrate existing work-related notes from their Personal Notebooks to new Business Notebooks." http://blog.evernote.com/business/2013/01/11/quick-tip-migrating-notes-from-personal-notebooks-to-business-notebooks/ ... it then goes on to recommend multi-select. I have to say the current integration of business notebooks, across the piece, is clunky; I had hoped it would be addressed in the new design. I wouldn't (and don't) recommend Evernote Business as an option until it is raised to something more than an afterthought.
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