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  1. Thanks man. Ya i was looking for a good work around for this. Downloaded pocket. I'll have to set that up and learn about IFTTT. Thanks.
  2. Sweet collaboration. Powerful. But not really related to EN's new motives of making their product a productivity hub... However, I'm not subscribing to both... Would be nice to see EN work with Feedly to allow a premium subscription for one to work with the other...
  3. does it exist? just noticed that when i was searching through my tags on the web UI that none of them were nested. have they not incorporated this yet? sorry if this has already been mentioned elsewhere...most likely has. not sure how to run a search on a specific sub forum i know there is people on both sides of the fence on whether or not they like the web ui so far...i personally am a fan. its great for the creative (lots of blank space) and organized type cheers
  4. Please add a customizable theme option...much like the iOS version of Evernote so that I can change the background from White to Dark. Thanks.
  5. Evernote Web replaced the Web Clipper for me. I always have a pinned browser tab with Evernote Web open. They made it SO EASY to add content that I am basically syncing the downloading the entire World Wide Web into my Evernote.
  6. You sound like your on the right track. I am not going to response to your question because ^^^ pretty much answer it. I would suggest installing every evernote client that your setup can support, web clippers for your browsers, even skitch and penultimate. You will inevitably find the way you like to work in evernote, and then be able to personalize their system to maximize your own productivity. Good luck.
  7. I have Windows 8 on my Mac, and I never choose to use the Evernote Windows Client. If I am going to be working in Evernote, I am always on the the Mac side of my computer. I imagine that Evernote puts more resources into the development of their products for OS X and iOS than for Windows...with the exception of Evernote web....which can work the same on any machine (brilliant!). Also, I am starting to heavily use the Web client instead of the Web Clipper (anyone else?). If you think the Windows client is "bland," then it is probably not for you. I myself think the Windows client is cluttered and disorganized (somewhat atypical of Evernote products). The web UI is clean and simple. I always have a pinned tab (with Evernote) open in my browser, and I am always using it because they made it so easy to add content. Only thing I would suggest is for Evernote to allow user customization of the Web UI for Evernote Web....much like iOS app where you can choose different themes. I imagine you can probably do it yourself if your a super advanced power user; however, I am just a paying consumer.
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