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  1. This is worth a repost. It seems some people have been using Evernote as a (really bad) file management system. I mean they are using a note as a folder. In most cases there is probably 1 file per 1 note. This is definitely not what Evernote is for. Still, after realizing this accidental application of Evernote, Evernote can export all of these files easily so you can move them to something more appropriate like Dropbox, etc. Maybe others have added text to their notes, and would like to create a new file for the text typed into Evernote to another format like .txt or something? Maybe there is something that can do this, but I would much rather view it in the original note format within Evernote (or my 2nd choice would be .html). When people are suggesting .html as a good option, they are assuming you want to view the note as a note, not as individual files. A note is not a folder. I have complex notes which may start with typed text, then have handwriting, then a photo, then more typed text, etc. The order of each of these things is what is important. The ability to order them, and present them in a single scrollable page (note) is what makes Evernote different. If it were a file folder, it would be multiple files sorted "randomly". That being said, I expect Evernote will somehow eventually have "Windows" folders which sync to hard drive like Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive do. Currently, only a one-way sync is available (from Hard Drive to Evernote). Although it would be useful, I do not expect it to simulate the same functionality of the Note itself. It can't because a note is not a folder. . . . and I came across this while searching for a way to sync Evernote and Google Keep. . . talk about distraction. . . . and I too sympathized with BurgersNFries because she gave good suggestions, yet I still cringed at her confrontational approach.
  2. Please add this option. Evernote has allowed me to be nearly entirely paperless. Unfortunately, some people still need to see a piece of paper in front of them to understand an idea. Those people do not want to tape 2 pieces of paper together to see the entire photo.
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