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  1. Showing all the pages while making it possible to flag specific lines in the text or points on a page or graphic (with commenting) would make the presentation functionality that much better.
  2. This thread taught me the value of setting reminders. Let Evernote remind you to bug Evernote. I never used the reminder feature before
  3. Yeah, I missed it but went back and saw it. That makes 2! Cool.
  4. Everyone here should go to the first post and vote it up please! I hated the new web version for a week – because I was switched over by Evernote without my permission – then I learned to love it. It only took days to like it ... then I discovered that the merge was not in the new version (and was in the older version). Now torn between the two. How could the new version not have this feature? What other functionality have we lost? Why is the issue treated like a feature request? Should it not be treated like a bug or design flaw? We once had it. Now we don't. It is bad enough that t
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