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  1. @EverNote Could you please fix this issue?
  2. I hadn't seen this thread... And I created this one. Still a problem in 2019! Will this continue to be a problem in 2025?
  3. Before creating this thread, I searched for "conflict" and didn't see any thread that addressed the issue in the first few pages of the search results. I will try again. ✌️
  4. I encounter this once a few months now. It is not as often as before, but just a few lines of code can fix this issue. Evernote system is already recognizing conflict. All it has to do is add a few symbols or change the color. Shouldn't take a whole lot more coding to accomplish that.
  5. I usually do, but the rare times I forget, it is a mess of a situation!
  6. I can't believe that no one else cares about this feature! 👆
  7. Each time there is a Sync Conflict we have to search through the entire note to find where the conflict is... it is frustrating and time consuming... A good solution would be to highlight the conflicted text or introduce some unique symbols /// around it \\\ so we can get to it easily and without any wasted time
  8. Also, the Web Clipper left a lot of space between the two lines (in the pic above).
  9. Please allow us to reduce the size of the web page we are clipping. Some web pages are too wide and the sides can be cut off. This particular web page was so wide that I had to save it at 40% size when I saved it as a PDF to keep the beautiful layout intact. When I clipped it using Evernote Web Clipper, it chopped off some data on the sides. See screenshot
  10. When I add text to a note on my Windows laptop, the font size for that text is greater than the rest of the text when seen on my Android phone. I created a test note just to demonstrate this. Please see the screenshot taken on my Google Pixel. The bigger size text was added later on my Windows laptop (Microsoft Surface Book). It looks fine on the Windows app. But when I go to my Android app, the size is different. My solution has always been: On my desktop, I select all contents of the note (Ctrl A) Then I change the font size to a different size (like size 14) Then I change the font size back to the size I prefer (size 9) Then it looks fine even on my Android phone This problem has existed for at least two years now.
  11. I have (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897). (I always update as soon as an update is released.) Hopefully this is solved.
  12. I've accidentally added misspelled words in my Evernote for Windows. Is there a way to remove them?
  13. I used the "Add to dictionary" option again today and added the same names and words I have added many times in the past. ?
  14. This was a problem a few years ago. This is still a problem. Each time there is an update, it wipes out all the words added by the user (me).
  15. Got you. They are probably working on it. Thanks.
  16. No one from Evernote responded to this thread... Would love your help with this:
  17. Thanks!! Most likely this is an issue on Mac as well... Definitely an issue on my Android (Google Pixel).
  18. Problem: When I change the color of the text, bullets and numbers stay black.
  19. Today I noticed something new. I see the Shared folder on the sidebar!
  20. Thank you very much! I will search for sharedate:* for now. It would really help if shared notes automatically show a tiny notification on them and also if there was a place where we could see a list of all shared notes.
  21. It would be of great help to be able to see a list of all shared notes and notebooks in one place.
  22. All my notes start with a number as I do not like any other sorting options. Example: 1 - AA 2 - AA 3 - AA Currently, Evernote does not support alphanumerical sorting. Because of that, 10 - AA appears right after 1 - AA (instead of appearing after 9 - AA). Example: 1 - AA 10 - AA 11 - AA 2 - AA 20 - AA 3 - AA 4 - AA 5 - AA 6 - AA 7 - AA 8 - AA 9 - AA I have been adding zeroes to the beginning of the names so that the notes are sorted in alphanumerical order. Not aesthetically pleasing at all. Everything else about Evernote is so beautiful. And this: Please improve the existing alphabetical sorting and make it alphanumerical. As alphabetical sorting already exists, making this improvement shouldn't take a whole lot of work.
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