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  1. This works now in 6.13 - however only if you right click --> view as attachment first on the PDF. If you are viewing the PDF inline it doesn't work which is annoying as I can do this on my Mac without problems.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to report these but I can't submit a support request as your support form won't load. Just keeps on showing the green spinning circle. 1. Tags not working when adding to group of notes. I have tags that use - (dash) within the tag i.e. 2014-12 for December 2014. Now if I use this on an individual note it works fine by typing the tag. However when I try to add this tag to a group of notes it will allow me to type to 2014 and when I add the dash your predictive text grabs the first tag and adds the dash resulting in 2014-01- which is quite annoying as I have to delete three characters and then type 12 again. There is some other general weirdness going on as well as when I want to add a numeric tag in front of a group of existing tags it will jump me to the end of the tag list and put a random tag there... short of creating a video I am not sure how to describe this. If I add the tag to the end of the list it works fine as long as it doesn't have a dash. 2. Undo does nothing apparently. So when I accidentally move things around or rename the wrong note... the undo button does nothing. It just stays grayed out. Not sure what it is meant to do but it sure isn't doing what I expect it to do.
  3. @JMichael Yes this is for PDFs which already exist in Evernote. I get quite a few in there via email or other sources and this is a handy way of encrypting already existing PDFs which I deem as not too sensitive to have to encrypt prior to uploading, but sensitive enough to want to encrypt in case someone get's physical access to my computer/iPad/iPhone with Evernote open. Instead of opening PDFs in Acrobat you can always use this app outside of Evernote to drop PDFs on. Should save you a few steps and then everything gets uploaded encrypted which is what I do for any financial or very sensitive information. @ENut I've updated the instructions to highlight the space before (Encrypted) - completely forgot about that - thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, This should hopefully be helpful to some of you. I was looking for a way to set up an easy way to encrypt existing PDF files directly in Evernote without having to open them in some third party application. I got it working with automator and the third party action "Get Parent Folder" which you can find here: https://code.google.com/p/automator-actions/ It allows me to right click on a PDF within Evernote and click on Open With... Encrypt PDF (Automator app). Set up the Workflow as an application and use following example. Save the workflow as an App - I named mine Encrypt PDF. Ensure you include the space before (Encrypted) in rename finder items (thanks ENut) I set it up so that it will automatically set the same password for all PDFs. If you want to be prompted for a password be sure to change the encryption step: Right click the Encrypt PDF application and select Show Package Contents then right click on Info.plist and open with Text Edit Find the section that says <key>CFBundleTypeExtensions</key> <array> <string>*</string> </array> Replace with <key>CFBundleTypeExtensions</key> <array> <string>pdf</string> </array> Save Info.plist Now right click a PDF in Evernote and Open with... other. Browse to the Encrypt PDF app and open it. It should encrypt it and automatically update it in Evernote. PDF Encryptor should now be an option in the Open with... list. (if not try restarting your computer or relaunching finder) There you go - once set up you have an easy automatic encryption of PDFs within Evernote. Known limitations so far: Will not work with already encrypted PDFs or PDFs with an owner/user password. There is no error checking around it - the workflow will simply fail.
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