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  1. If they make a decision that is based on flawed data, then evernote will not live too long. No business survives without satisfying it's customers. It appears that Evernote is more interested in satisfying Wall Street than it's actual users.
  2. Welp, here I go migrating to some other software.
  3. TL:DR I hate the new beta, and I have hated that interface on Android/iOS for a long time. Remove it or risk losing your place on the top of the note taking app charts. I've been using Evernote for more than a year now. I was using other note taking apps before, but for many reasons Evernote looked much more useful. It was simple, clean and organized. I started using GTD using tags and it was wonderful. Along comes some UI designer with glorious dreams and a Microsoft Windows 8 design manual under their arm, and he/she botches everything up. Little did he know that everyone *hates* the minimalist UI of Windows 8 and people who actually use their computer for more than minesweeper can't wait for Windows 10 or have already switched back to Windows 7. I seriously hate the people who think that Windows 8 minimalism is a step in the right direction. I don't want to gawk at whitespace. I don't want to wear a fedora and sip overpriced coffee while watching the (admittedly beautiful) transitions. I want to GET WORK DONE. And the new interface is standing haughtily in the way of me GETTING WORK DONE EFFICIENTLY. If you do this Evernote, you're going down in the rubbish heap of note taking apps, and some other saner designer who puts practicality over animation smoothness, will win over your customers. I sincerely hope you do not put this "Beta" into production. That would be a serious dick move to your existing customers.
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