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  1. Thanks for all your help/advice folks! During last academic year (2013-2014) my students were indeed able to create a public sharing link with their iPads. They then would paste that link into a Goolge Form that I created, which organized all of my student Notebooks in a Google Spreadsheet. I suppose I could have all my students create a public link (at home or in the school computer lab). BUT... If public sharing went away, I'd be in trouble.
  2. Thanks- I wouldn't want to set up the accounts for them. They can set them up and share their notebooks with me. This would include about 140 high school students. Seems crazy, but it's better than collecting and reading 140 composition notebooks over a weekend! Although it's live, Google Docs have severe limitations of inserting media like pics/graphs/tables via the app - tables don't even show up on the iPad, making it impossible to use for a high school science class. Uploading pdfs from iPad to a shared Google Folder is ok, but they have to upload - it's not live. I'll consider a premium membership... I'm not sure. Public sharing from their iPads and I'd be hooked, and probably go Premium anyway.
  3. Thanks JohnDM - The problem is that all my students have iPads. Therefore, they would be working from the app (Evernote Web doesn't work on the iPad). I want them to create their notebooks and then share them with me, giving me access to their work. This worked great last year (when students could share publicly). Pictures of lab setups/results, tables, graphs, analysis, etc. were available to me in real time, in an efficient chronological way. It's too bad public sharing isn't an option from the student iPads as it used to be. I don't mean to sound flippant, but I think I'm done with Evernote. I will be using an app called Notability combined with the convenience of shared Google Folders.
  4. I'm having a lot of fun conversing with myself in this forum... Public sharing: currently supported... Tried it on my computer - no problem. However, this is not possible through the app on a mobile device (iPhone or iPad). All my students have iPads, so...
  5. Sorry. I figured out Evernote indeed doesn't support public sharing anymore. This leads me to a second strategy: If I upgrade to a premium account, I can have my students create free accounts, and share their notebook with me? Do I have that right?
  6. Hi- I posted this in the Education section - but i didn't get any hits. Does anyone know the situation with sharing notebooks via public links? I thought I read here that Evernote discontinued this for awhile, or are going to discontinue this. I am a high school teacher that used Evernote for Journaling/Science Notebooks last year, and I want to try it again. Students create a notebook and open a public link that they share with me. I keep all the links in a spreadsheet that allows me to access all student notebooks. I can't go the route of individually sharing notebooks, because of the limit of 100 shared notebooks. Thanks for any help or advice!
  7. So... I just read in another post about whether or not Evernote will still use public notebooks. That's ok... I can make do with Google. ?
  8. There is a lot of great information in this Forum. I apologize if this is a little redundant, but I'm starting a new topic to seek some advice. I am looking to use Evernote in my High School Biology class. I teach in a 1:1 iPad district - every student has one. I have done this in the past - with great success, but tried something different this year with shared Google Folders (because my team used Google). But... I want to go back to using Evernote... We use another platform in our district (called Schoology) to push out documents, assessments, etc., so I'm not looking for those capabilities. I simply want to have access to my students' digital science notebooks. I originally tried having students share their notebooks with me (before I knew about the limit of 100 shared NBs). Here is what I did last year, with students and myself using the Free version of Evernote: students created account and notebookrather than sharing it with me directly, they shared it using the "Public Sharing Link"they copied and pasted that link into a Google Form that organized the entire class into a spreadsheet for mePros of Evernote: constant, 24/7 access to their notebook (as long as the live link stays open)students can easily insert pictures, tables, graphs, pdf's, etc, all of which can be edited with Skitch - this is perfect for a digital Lab notebookLimitations: the obvious limitation with the Free Version is that it is not collaborative with me or other students (Like a Google Doc would be)I've also had a couple of students that would somehow delete content that we could NOT figure out how to recover So... after all that... any suggestions? One big question I have: If I upgrade to a premium account, can I have collaborative access to 100+ notebooks? It's not an option to think students can or would upgrade.
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