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  1. So... I just read in another post about whether or not Evernote will still use public notebooks. That's ok... I can make do with Google. ?
  2. There is a lot of great information in this Forum. I apologize if this is a little redundant, but I'm starting a new topic to seek some advice. I am looking to use Evernote in my High School Biology class. I teach in a 1:1 iPad district - every student has one. I have done this in the past - with great success, but tried something different this year with shared Google Folders (because my team used Google). But... I want to go back to using Evernote... We use another platform in our district (called Schoology) to push out documents, assessments, etc., so I'm not looking for those capabilities. I simply want to have access to my students' digital science notebooks. I originally tried having students share their notebooks with me (before I knew about the limit of 100 shared NBs). Here is what I did last year, with students and myself using the Free version of Evernote: students created account and notebookrather than sharing it with me directly, they shared it using the "Public Sharing Link"they copied and pasted that link into a Google Form that organized the entire class into a spreadsheet for mePros of Evernote: constant, 24/7 access to their notebook (as long as the live link stays open)students can easily insert pictures, tables, graphs, pdf's, etc, all of which can be edited with Skitch - this is perfect for a digital Lab notebookLimitations: the obvious limitation with the Free Version is that it is not collaborative with me or other students (Like a Google Doc would be)I've also had a couple of students that would somehow delete content that we could NOT figure out how to recover So... after all that... any suggestions? One big question I have: If I upgrade to a premium account, can I have collaborative access to 100+ notebooks? It's not an option to think students can or would upgrade.
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