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  1. Ok. I'll open a support request then. You should always stick with what works best and that is what I've done. But having this kind of flexibility + the rest of what Evernote offers (e.g. sharing and scanning) would make upgrading to a pro account a no brainer for me.
  2. I have a few issues with both the overall information architecture and feature set of Evernote and I'm not sure where to submit them. Some of my main issues and pain-points are: - Manual sorting of both notes, notebooks and stacks. - Using the same name for multiple notebooks. - Add tags to stacks or notebooks and have them applied on everything they contain. - Edit notes in markdown and display in rtf. - Layout of the "Notebooks" view, at least in the native Mac client. Without this I'm better of with just using any text editor, Finder, Spotlight and Dropbox for syncing.
  3. Any updates on this feature request? Not being able to sort manually is a big issue for me and one of the reasons why I haven't upgraded to a pro account yet. Prefixing with numbers could work but it's not very nice. Also if you use emoji on Mac or iOS that will ***** up the alphabetical sort - obviously.
  4. Old post but this is still en issue for me. Having multiple notebooks with the same name but belonging to different stacks is a dealbreaker for me and one of the reasons why I haven't upgraded to a pro account yet. Is there any plans for this feature in the future?
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