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  1. i find searching to be not enough. I would like a way to bookmark a single line (or even selected text) in a note. the bookmark should have a title and that title should be searchable.
  2. Secure notes: Password box prior to reading the note (this should incorporate encryption though, using the password) and / or Encrypted text I currently go to infoencrypt.com sometimes and encrypt a note's text so that even if someone got access to my notes they couldn't read encrypted text (ie. sensitive data) Evernote could easily implement similar functions with a button to encrypt (and decrypt) selected text. The encryption doesnt have to be crazy good. just enough so that a normal person going through my notes couldn't read everything (if i encrypt or password block a note, they are stuck at that point). Better support for dates and notes that surround them think of a diary, currently i can use a grid, or a line to separate dates and their respective entries but that's kinda lame, and finding an old date usually requires alot of scrolling (probably could search but my date name convention wasn't the best and so searching doesnt work to good). A date button for printing out the current time and date would be cool (and would be configurable [ie. "MMM d yyyy hh:mm a"] and consistent) but a better approach is having a calender type note (a calender view that you can put notes on (should also include above feature to be secured if needed)) or something like a note within a note to better section the data, because placing a date text string at the top is not correct, its not really the "contents" of a note, it is the "title" of the note. but creating a note a day also doesnt work Collaboration Warning I currently have a Shared Notebook to share notes with another User. However syncing is not always perfect. Regardless there should be a way for me to lock a note, edit the note, release the lock. And if another user clicks to edit a locked note, they are warned and can only view. There can of course be a way to release the lock by all users, since notes don't really need permissions. Maybe a way to query the user with the lock and say "hay, if you don't respond in 15mins the lock is auto released". control-S The default operation for shortcut ctrl-S should be to sync. There is no save and that is the closest thing to save. really love the software guys.... Thanks!!!!!
  3. I also have this issue It tries to sync, but just keeps spinning I can leave in spinning/syncing indefinitely but if i click on a note (while its working) it will crash after a few seconds Normal (NON-jailbroken) iphone 5
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