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  1. Thanks for the hint. Yes, I am a premium subscriber for some years already. And never realized in the past that they offer the two factor authentication. In their helpfiles they write: "[..] If you still see an error message after trying again, please ensure that the time is set accurately on your mobile device. Since authentication codes are time-sensitive, the time on your mobile device must be accurate for your authentication codes to be accepted by the Evernote service. We recommend you set your phone to update the time automatically. " I decided that this feature must be a
  2. Long time ago I had Skitch installed, but it does not appear under "addons" now, and in the meanwhile I uninstalled and installed Firefox multiple times. That's why I felt confused why FF complains a JS file with Skitch in its name stopped responding. I cannot reproduce this behavior for now.
  3. It did not prevent me doing anything - I just had to kill Firefox with the task manager to be able to use my computer again. I didn't use Firefox for a long time, but intended to use it again. So, I installed it again (fresh), installed web clipper, ublock, noscript, and my favorite bookmarking addon (diigo, which I used for years already). Within the first week I felt so stressed by a really really slow web experience that I decided to go back to a Chrome based browser (Iron browser) today. :-) Edit: I must say, I was surprised, that FF still knew my old bookmarks,... though it wa
  4. I tried the two factor authentication with Google Authenticator. And was not successful - when entering the code I kept receiving the message that the code is wrong. I opted out of the Google Authenticator option again. Today I wanted to login in Evernote Web, got a code via SMS, and again the message about a wrong code. The second try with a second SMS worked. Now I received an email that it is advised to give Evernote a backup phone number for the case I lose my phone... But, there is no second phone but my landline which cannot receive codes via SMS. What should I do? I wonder, i
  5. Recently I got an error message in Firefox that a Skitch related Javascript stopped working. Now I wonder why I get this one, though I did not use Skitch for a long time, and the addon is not even installed? Could it mean the Web Clipper, while it writes "Skitch"?
  6. Thanks Goggin. That's good news... Last weekend I just uninstalled Firefox and invested some time to move my workflow to some Chrome-based browser (called Iron browser). Actually I miss one particular addon in Chrome, that I used to use in FF (Diigo toolbar). But, maybe now I will download FF again in the next weekend to try version 6.1 in FF. btw. I just learned to like the Youtube video bookmarking feature in Webclipper for Chrome. Hopefully FF supports that too
  7. Hi Kjaerlige. That is very kind and I really appreciate that you take your time to help. I would not even know how to extract an XPI. Thanks a lot. I tried it here at home, and unfortunately it does not show the context menu in my FF38.0.5. The icon in the toolbar works as expected. I do not know how to clip a single image or text snippet from a website into my Evernote without the context menu. Maybe I could copy it from the website and paste it into the Evernote desktop or web application, but that is not so convenient and time consuming. I know sometimes there are the weirde
  8. Yes, kjaerlige. You are not dumb. It is just a little bit frustrating that they do not provide an essential function like the webclipper on their own website, besides the mozilla website, though it would be technically possible to make it available on their own website - at least for their paying users. Now I use Webclipper "Version". And it seems to work for now. Best Regards, Martin
  9. so, I suggest only to provide this file version 6.1 independently from addons.mozilla.org on another website. for example on evernote.com :-)
  10. I had to delete all FF extensions temporarily at work (and reinstall FF at home last weekend), then I didn't find version 6.1 anymore on addons.mozilla.org One essential step that I used frequently is select some text or right click an image, then choose from the context menu to clip the text or image.
  11. Actually it does not work well... Even if Mozilla does not update it on their addons.mozilla.org page, I guess users who trust evernote would still benefit from a download if it is only provided by Evernote.com. At least I do not care where I download the addon, as long as it is safe and it works. I went back to some 5.9.x version to get my context menu (right click) back. Without the context menu in Firefox I do not see much value in the web clipper. And without a fully working web clipper, Evernote would be only 50 % useful for my specific workflow. ...
  12. That's really weird. While some here complain about the context menu, I am suffering a lack of this context menu already for a while - especially for clipping single images from a website it is very inconvenient to open each single image in a new tab and then, with the new tab open, click on the evernote icon in the toolbar of my browser to save it. Is there a trick to get the context menu back?
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