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  1. +1 for previous version. The new web UI is horrible !
  2. Just curious: How do you plan to handle backup and restore of your data while using Evernote Business?
  3. I agree with JMichael. There is NO way to restore data from backup if one defines restore as "returning the data to an earlier, saved condition" (without a lot of manual work). I recently made a (stupid) mistake which resulted in all my notes ending up in one notebook. I thought no problem, I just restore a backup from my time machine, which worked very nicely in the MAC desktop version. Problem: My changes had already sync'd with my account, and there was no way to overwrite the information on Evernote's servers. I contacted support for help, but there was no other way than re-generating my notebook structure manually, i.e. several hours of work to re-file more than 800 notes manually in the appropriate Notebooks again. This is not an acceptable solution and needs a fix asap, especially considering that Evernote wants to be a business solution.
  4. +1 for linux support. I pay for the pro version, and my work OS is Linux.
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