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  1. Hi don't mean to pile on here but emailing the full contents of the note is a must-have feature for me as well. I'm adding my voice to the mix because the question was asked why and we use such a feature. 1) Most importantly, my workplace blocks all web based applications (including cloud email). It's the only way i can get content from Evernote to my work environment 2) One of the reasons I send so much content from Evernote to work is I use Evernote web clipper as a way of saving a web page -- e.g. a newspaper article -- that i may want for work purposes. Web Clipper does a decent job of stripping out all the noise and garbage on HTML pages and saving them in simplified format. That's invaluable to me. So i strip down a web page and save it, then send the note via email to work. It's also nice to have a searchable archived version of the article in Evernote. 3) Finally, the point was made that use of the feature was relatively low. Let me posit a few possible explanations for this: for as long as i can recall, the feature was available only on windows fat client version. Not on Mac version. Not on browser-based version. In addition, the feature was relatively hard to find. My view is that software designers should focus on designing products as useful as possible to customers rather than keeping them trapped within a closed ecosystem.
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