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  1. I didn't switch, I was always using Windows but I was using a Mac for a company I worked for in the summer (which I no longer work for) - that's where I got introduced to Evernote and started using it. I wanted to continue using at home for uni on my windows computer. I'll have a look at those although alternatives although I like Evernote so that would be my preference. If anybody else has any suggestions please say. Thanks
  2. I was wondering if anybody could please me with this issue I've been having with the Evernote program in Windows. I am running Windows 8.1 and whenever I use the annotation feature in Evernote, an annotation summary is not properly produced. Plus when I use the Evernote highlighter it totally obscures the original text (see attached for examples) thereby making the annotations completely useless. When I first came across Evernote on a Mac, it worked very well, producing useful annotations and good annotation summaries of documents. I've tried contacting Evernote customer support about this issue but have had no success getting through to them. I would like to get the premium package but I'm reluctant to buy it when the trial is not working properly! Has anybody experienced this problem and if so, does anybody know of a possible solution to this problem? Thanks. Evernote screenshot issue 2.pdf evernote screenshot issue.pdf
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