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  1. Update - I purchased GoodNotes yesterday. The search capability is AMAZING. In Penultimate (both v5 and v6) you have to wait for a while (between minutes and a few hours) before your handwriting is searchable within the app OR in Evernote. But in GoodNotes, there is NO WAITING. I don't know how they do it, but their handwriting recognition and search are by far superior than any others I've seen. Conclusion - Use GoodNotes if being able to search for and recall your handwritten notes is important to you.
  2. That's awesome info, thanks!! The funny thing is that although in PEN v5.3 my handwriting didn't have to be perfect for the search to work, in PEN v6 the responsiveness to my handwriting is so bad that it isn't searchable anyways. It sounds like Goodnotes is a good deal. I wish it could sync with Evernote so I, too, don't have to try and convert all of my PEN notes to pdf.
  3. Thanks a lot, now I know what I'm facing at least. I'll take a look at livescribe. I'm hoping another company will dive into this search technology soon. I'm sure there are many situations where one might need to search in-app handwriting. For me, when a client calls and I'm taking notes as they talk, I can also quickly search model numbers, parts, keywords, etc from our previous conversations and pull up all of those notes (referring to Penultimate v5...v6 can, but not as user-friendly). It is such a powerful feature. But now that I can't use Penultimate anymore due to handwriting lag, I don't want to be flipping between Evernote and some other note app trying to get to my info. Developers ~ I'd pay $20 for an app that can do in-app handwriting search well along with solid handwriting UX, and I bet others would, too. An opportunity is out there.
  4. One of my favorite features in Penultimate v5 was the ability to search your handwritten notes right within the app. Do Notability, Goodnotes, Bamboo Paper or others have this same ability? Suggestions? I'm really sad to say this, but after a few weeks of trying to stick it out and give Evernote a chance to fix this, I have to bail on Penultimate v6. It's just killing my productivity. Any handwriting searchable apps out there that anyone has used?
  5. I had this same question yesterday as I frequently jot down everything in the same note throughout the day, and then at the end of the day (at least in v5), I'd just move the pages to the appropriate notes. So if I had a few meetings and some customer calls, I'd review them at the end of the day and then file them away. Unfortunately I talked with support yesterday and after they did a little research and we tried a few things, they confirmed that it is not possible in v6. And if you try to do it in evernote via the merge function, it gives you a message saying the note will no longer be accessible in specialty EN apps. Support confirmed that if you do the merge, you won't be able to access it any longer in PEN. I did ask that the dev team take this into consideration for a future app update. This function is so important for my personal workflow everyday that I'm not sure I'll be able to continue using it. I'm pretty crushed as I LOVED Penultimate...
  6. MUST ROLL BACK - THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPACTING PEOPLE'S WORK I unfortunately didn't have my ipad synced with my computer itunes so I can't reinstall version 5. It's killing me. I literally went BACK TO PAPER AND PEN. So frustrating. Issues for me - Responsiveness grade is F - the whole writing experience is now critically flawed. I use Jot Pro for my stylus and was just like writing in a physical notebook before. But now, the entire experience is terrible. It's not worth my time to try and slowly write, erase because it doesn't pick up 'o' or 'e' very clearly, etc. - Note names missing! - For people who use lots of notes, how in the heck am I supposed to find the right note I'm looking for?? - Search not working well - The thumbnail view doesn't show the search terms so I don't know which to click on that has the info I'm seeking. - Extra 'keystrokes' needed to hit buttons - I get it - less clutter... But for those who want to dock the buttons, there should be an option. It's annoying to click a bunch to get the the button you need (like erase!) - No 'in-note' searching. I have to get out of my note to search. Annoying. - No more pages - When you're reviewing something you wrote from a few days ago and then you want to write something new at the end of the note, there's no 'jump to end' option. So you sit there for 5 minutes two-finger scrolling until you get to the end. That's really irritating. I would much prefer having PAGES within notes. That makes a lot more sense to me. And it gives us back the feel of a physical notebook, which is why so many people like me have been devoted followers of penultimate in the first place. Lose that feel and you lose your customer base. PLEASE release an update to fix these things ASAP. You're killing me....
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