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  1. Yeap, really tiresome. I end up having to email myself "new snippets" when on the go, using Evernote Android applet. Or create a new Evernote note, to be discarded later... - when back at home using Evernote Windows client, merging new snippets from that email or surplus EN note. Very cumbersome. Time wasting. Now multiply this workaround by thousands (and more) of Evernote users all over the world = massive time spent. Multiple days / weeks lost collectively. Why can't Evernote designers implement this heavily-requested fix (shouldn't be no more than a week on coding, testing & rollout) on their Copy/Paste's clean formatting issue... @rachee46: I discovered the Share option under 'Notes' submenu - and learnt some new options there, including 'Share > Copy URL to Clipboard'. However I apparently don't have 'Share > Open URL in Browser' in my Evernote (Windows Desktop) whether via top menubar or the opened note's toolbar. -- Searched 'Getting Started with Evernote for:' online user guide for all seven platforms, one by one - and can't find a mention of that 'Open URL in Browser' option.
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